About Us

We believe

We can fly.

We strive to make each customer’s brand more inspiring and every process more intelligent.

CYLLA is one of the preeminent full service advertising and merchandising firm, which serves local and international client base.

The brand and advertising are used as the basic communication tools to the consumer and therefore need to follow an unique and pinpoint strategy. Cylla can assist the client in achieving both. We are a full service agency committed to driving ideas that move brands forward.

Our innovative team comprise with like-minded thinkers, go getters, creative’s, with an underling passion. High level of satisfaction

Focused effort.

We have one simple goal; Brand reinforcement, through offering various advertising solutions and customizable merchandising items with keeping a check on the changes in the tastes and preferences of partner. We are ensuring a high level of satisfaction among our partners with our Customer focused effort.

Highest Quality

Cylla handpicks to ensure that only the highest quality merchandising items are provided to our partners. We offer a wide variety of merchandising items and related services. Whether the company is large or small, local or global, we are here to help you with best solution.

We are following the trends in the promotional industry and demand highest standards from our trusted manufacturers and suppliers but yet we follow each and every stage of production process.

Unique Advertising Solutions

Beyond the merchandising items, we understand how to get attention and generate creative results by providing customized, unique and unequaled advertising strategies and solutions to turn you into an industry leader.

Storage Service

With expertise in solutions, we can also offer you warehouse storage service, you will just need to tell us “how many” you like to shipped or kept in stock. Whether your storage requirements for merchandising items are temporary or more permanent, we have also solution with using our online ordering system and stock inventory system.

Worldwide Shipping

We also provide shipping and export services for your products worldwide everywhere. Europe, Australia, America, Africa and Asia. No matter how far you need to send or how many you need to delivered.


Tailor made solutions.

We are keen to keep in touch with ourclients in an attempt to have a full understanding of their needs.

Let’s reach the stars


Our mission is to ensure consumer awe and interaction.